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Founded in 2012 by Caitlin Limmer The Bearcat Running Club meets inside the Turks Head Pub at 8.30am and is under the umbrella of Run England.

The ethos of the club is "the people come first, the running comes a very close second".  It is a hugely supportive group of on average 70-90 runners who meet up and run in 7 different ability groups every Sunday with a UKA Leader in Running Fitness in each group.  

The club is not only passionate about running but they also get involved in the community raising large amounts of money for charity.  It is a non competitive club, but this does not mean that the runner do not achieve great things, this year we had 80 runners completing the Great South 10 mile run, 30 of our runners will be doing Brighton Marathon this year, and we have our own sell out race every year - The Turks Head 10k Fun Run - which has 850 entrants and is a one day party from the start line to the finish with a wonderful band and BBQ in the pub after.  

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We are a hugely social club, with our legendary Christmas Party, Christmas club morning, Anniversary party every year, Wednesday night training nights with Hei Hing Noodle bar after, runs in Bushy park and Richmond park, plus attending running events together regularly.
If you have ever been put off by the words "RUNNING CLUB" - The Bearcat Running Club is different, along with its founder it has even been recognised by Richmond Council in 2014, and The Prime Minister with a Points of Light award in 2015.


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